Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation £1,195 – this includes the crematorium fee, and doctors fee’s

Waters & Sons charges just £1,195 for a direct cremation funeral.
Funerals can be expensive, so a direct cremation is a more affordable option for people wishing to say goodbye to their loved ones. You may wish to hold a memorial service to remember your loved one. People often have a direct cremation if the deceased has asked for it. They can be less formal, which can help relatives and friends create a more personal and relevant service.

This option also takes care of everything for you in terms of the documentation and crematorium fees, which creates an easy and affordable option for you during what will undoubtedly be a difficult time. Families can also keep the ashes if they want to. In many cases, family or friends choose this option because they do not want a typical funeral service. This can be due to the wishes of the deceased or perhaps because they want to create their own more personal and relevant tribute in a more informal and less traditional setting.

Choosing a direct cremation keeps things easy and affordable during your time of grieving.

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